Automatic Visual Inspection

Delamination Plant

Removal of synthetic laminations from rubber-metal-components

  • Separation
  • Insertion station: Delamination
  • Blowout station: Cleansing
  • Camera station: Inspection
  • OK-NOK discharge

Calibrating System

Internal and external calibration of rubber-metal-sockets

  • Separation
  • Inspection of several variations
  • Inner-core inspection
  • Intermediate plate calibration
  • External calibration

Saucepan Lid Automation

Finishing high-grade steel lids

  • Station: Punching
  • Station: Deflashing
  • Station: Feeding-plate-nut
  • Station: Welding plate nut to lid
  • Shelf with OK-NOK check

Processing plant for PTFE rings

  • Slotter for channeling and slotting PTFE rings
  • Basic machine with several modules


  • Rubber diaphragm slitting