Dry-filling systems

In dry-filling systems, a particular technique is used to fill hydraulic damped bearings (anti-vibration-systems).

Advantages of our dry-filling systems are:

  • high filling precision
  • cost-saving filling
  • no washing
  • staff- and capacity-savings
  • clean production
  • better for the environment

Lab filling station for Hydromounts

  • high level filling precision
  • low and fine vacuum
  • up to 0,5 liter filling volume
  • quick changeable filling pick up´s for different mounts
  • sealing:ball closing or riveted bolt

Semi-automatic operation

Hydromount filling station for larger series production

  • pneumatic sliding table
  • during filling operation the next part would be closed, took away and a new process run
  • force-displacement control
  • high level filling precision with 20 years experience