Assembly plants: Revolving and transfer systems

We offer revolving and transfer systems which can fulfil the following tasks:

  • assembly and testing
  • positioning and marking
  • cleaning and burring
  • pressing and calibrating
  • edging and rolling
  • filling and closing
  • slitting of rubber membranes

Revolving system with 7 working stations

The detailed processing steps for the production of a gearbox mounting:

  • Checking for completeness and correct positioning
  • oiling and spraying of the rubber part
  • Grouting of core and rubber part
  • Positioning of plate and core
  • Grouting of plate and core
  • Marking with a pin marker
  • Piercing through the rubber membranes

Assembly machine

  • Grouting of core and rubber part

Single assembly systems (modular extension possible)

  • For calibrating rubber parts
  • For pressing and edging
  • Manual and/or automatic loading