Rubber test plug machine

The plug press has been developed by us in cooperation with well-known manufacturers in order to ensure reproducible comparability between producers and processors in the examination of the mix.The quality of the mix can easily checked immediately after production. Various values can be checked using the test plugs manufactued in the TM vulcanisation process: Shore hardness, relaxation testing, force-displacement measurements, elasticity moduli, damping, rebbound resilience measurements etc.

The well-established plug press is used all over the whole World by mix manufacturers al well as mix processors.

Technical Specifications:

  • Drive is provided by a hydropneummatic Cylinder with a locking force of 8t at 6 bar
  • Heating of the vulcanisation mould with 3 strip heaters, heating power 470 W
  • Regulation of the strip heaters by a micropocessor controller with a sensor
  • Adjustment of the pocessing parameters via touch panel
  • The temperature of the vulcanisation mould is checked by an electronic sensor

Optional:Vulcanisation mould with a customised plug design