Production Engineering Center

Our technical facilities comprise not only a modern injection press with a mould clamping force of 2500 KN, but also a range of small presses, which allows the execution of the following tasks:

  • test series and process development for prototypes
  • critical and complicated prototypes and small series
  • design and reproduction from “after market” parts

Runner Vulcanisation parts in the automotive sector

Special vibration engineering and anti-vibration systems for engines, axles and body suspensions, shock damping and sealing techniques require
broad know-how in the fields of:

  • development
  • vulcanisation
  • prototype development
  • industrial engineering/Process optimisation
  • dimensioning vulcanisation tools
  • troubleshooting/reducing heating time
  • moulding press automation and handling
  • machines for further processing

Coordinating and concentrating these various sensitive fields in order to reach an efficient whole is our strength.

Our potential combines:

  • economic process optimisation
  • and related technology und logistics

Rubber compounds and rubber-metal compounds

We are producing critical and on the highest level. We have already produced the following rubber parts for our clients:

  • engine bearings
  • gearbox mounts
  • hydromounts
  • bridge bearings
  • suspension bushes
  • rubber caps
  • rubber membranes
  • other vulcanised parts e.g. for household technology